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Peer Advising

What do Peer Advisers do?

They are trained and available for appointments.  

  • Meeting with a PA is great because they are able to share with you their experience in the program and classes.  
  • PAs are trained to help you with your academic plan, which is then reviewed by the academic advisor, enrollment help, and class suggestions.  You can schedule an appointment with a PA through Navigate Slug Success.   

They host helpful workshops throughout the term.  

  • We are planning on hosting regular workshops that will provide more specific information that students might be seeking additional help in topics like production applications, major declaration, and more.  

They respond to your emails.

  • The peer advising email is a great first place to go for your general questions. 
  • The PAs will also forward your emails to the academic advisor if they cannot answer them.  You can email them at: