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Peer Advising

The Film and Digital Media Department has a team of trained student peer advisors ready to help anyone seeking to enhance their university experience. We encourage everyone to use this resource to ask questions, seek advice, and receive help to make informed, efficient decisions. 

Trained peer advisors are available to assist student peers with:

  • Personal academic plans
  • Enrollment recommendations
  • General questions about the majors and courses
  • Declaration process
  • Major qualifications
  • Production applications
  • Academic planning forms

Peer advisors can be reached by email for questions Advising appointments are available via zoom and can be scheduled through Slug Success. (Peer Advising appointments are limited to UCSC students)

Our trained peer advisors are Film and Digital Media majors who strive to make your college journey a little smoother. "We speak from our own personal experiences and are extremely happy to help out anyone who seeks it."

Meet our Peer Advisors

Dominic Goggins-Rendón

Hello!! My name is Dominic Goggins-Rendón (he/him/his). I was a PA last year and am excited to be the lead peer advisor this year.

WHY FDM? I chose to pursue film and digital media because I have a strong belief in humanity. Film is a fantastic medium for storytelling and creating empathy, one that can give a voice to those who have had theirs suppressed, and it continues to be a powerful tool for change today.

FAVORITE CLASS: I loved taking FILM 179A: Special Topics in Animation with Alessia Cecchet. I learned so much and had a blast exploring a medium of storytelling that I've always enjoyed from a viewing standpoint but had little hands-on experience with.

Amanda Chow

Hi! My name is Amanda Chow (she/her).

IF NOT FDM, THEN WHAT?: If I weren’t a FDM major, I would have pursued Comparative Literature or HAVC


WHATS YOUR SIGN?: I’m a Gemini :)

Pranav Dhilip

Hello! My name is Pranav Dhilip! (he/him/his) I am a third-year student as a film and digital media major and a legal studies minor.

WHY FDM: I’ve had a very personal attachment to filmmaking since I was a child, from movie nights with my family on our big red couch. I would burn out tapes and rewatch DVDs to learn how they made my favorite movies. It’s a very exciting time for filmmaking right now, being at the forefront of film education and filmmaking is both invigorating and illuminating for me.

FAVORITE CLASS: My favorite class thus far has been Film 170B! I appreciated the hands-on nature of the class and constantly being on the creative front was good for my filmmaking brain, especially during quarantine.