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Undergraduate Major Advising

We have made some updates on how you can connect with advising.

Step 1: Connect with a Peer Advisor (PA)

Step 2: Peer Advisors will refer to FDM Advising Staff

  • If a peer advisor is not able to solve your question you will be referred to the FDM Advising staff

  • The FDM Advising staff will evaluate your question and answer it via email or work with you to set up an appointment to discuss it further

Drop-In Advising Hours Updates

Hosted by the FDM PAs, Monday - Friday, 12 PM - 2 PM

Each day has a unique drop-in link. Please be sure to use the correct link for the day you are trying to come to drop-in.

Email Updates

Some emails sent to will be reviewed and forwarded to if it is within the wide scope of knowledge that our trained peer advisors have.