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Film and Digital Media Fellowship 
The Film and Digital Media Fellowship is available to Film and Digital Media majors in their junior and senior years who are in good academic standing and are affiliated with Porter College.  The fellowship is made available to these students every fall, winter, and spring quarter.  These funds are intended to support students with creative and research projects in which they are currently involved.  For instance, a student who is enrolled in a film production class in the fall quarter may apply for the fellowship at the beginning of fall quarter to assist with the project to be finished by the end of fall quarter.

Students may use these funds to support their current projects such as a film they are creating, archival research at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or the Museum of Radio and Television Broadcasting or research at another site, creating a film festival, attending film festivals, or supporting the completion of applications for graduate school while still at UCSC.

Call for applications will be announced in first few weeks of fall, winter and spring quarters.  Please check your weekly newsletter email from the undergraduate adviser for information about this fellowship.  

Student Organizations

Eyecandy is a Film and Digital Media sponsored student-run film and digital media journal founded in the fall of 1999.  Eyecandy focuses on analytical, critical, and theoretical issues in film and digital media, as opposed to the more evaluative criticism found in popular press.  Eyecandy examines film and digital media in relation to other significant issues such as art form, social and cultural theory and politics.  Above all, Eyecandy is a forum for writers from all fields to discuss and raise issues about film and digital media and a popular phenomenon and area of critical study.  Please visit the Eyecandy website for more information.

SCTV is UCSC’S own student-run television station, and an innovative resource available to the students of the UCSC community. SCTV28 includes programming like “On The Spot” and “Bananna Slug News.” The organization meets weekly and there are a variety of ways students can participate. Tune-in to Channel 28 on-campus! SCTV is your television station at UC Santa Cruz.

Film Production Coalition
FPC is a student organization that offers the campus community hands-on film production experience, and gives students the opportunity to collaborate on student films.  Visit the FPC website or facebook page for more information.  

Other Resources:

Anonymous Resources for Reporting Wrong-Doing

  • UC Hotline 1-800-403-4744 or via an anonymous form
  • UCSC Police Department Anonymous Tip Line 831-459-3847 or online form (not confidential)

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Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Hate/Bias Policy and reporting 831-459-1738
Title IX/Sexual Assault & Harrassment Office 831-459-2462
Undocumented Student Services 831-459-4055