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Mailing Address

Film and Digital Media Department    
University of California    
1156 High Street    
Santa Cruz, CA 95064    

Department Office

Communications 101    
Office Hours:    
Monday-Friday 9:00am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-4:00pm (for prospective students and general info) (for current students) (peer advising for current students)    
(831) 459-3204 (voice)    
(831) 459-1341 (fax)    

Academic Staff

Department Chair Peter Limbrick
Director of Graduate Studies - 
Social Documentation M.F.A.
Irene Lusztig
Director of Graduate Studies - 
Film and Digital Media Ph.D.
Shelley Stamp

Administrative Staff

Department Manager Karina Frazier (831) 459-4305
Graduate Program Coordinator Michael Lindsey (831) 459-3445
Undergraduate Advisor Dominic Goggins-Rendón (831) 459-3204
Undergraduate Advisor Alexia Lomeli TBA
Department Assistant Nicole Nolte (831) 459-3204

Operations Staff

Technical Director VACANT (831) 459-2348
Facilities Specialist Cliff Diedrick (831) 459-1820
Checkout Lab/Instruct. Support Specialist Woody Carroll (831) 459-4062

IT Staff

Arts/FDM IT Manager Anthony Arias (831) 459-4242
Digital Media Specialist Chuck Saltsman (831) 459-3512

Operations Office

Communications 137    

Equipment Checkout

Communications 123    
(831) 459-4062