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Film & Digital Media Faculty

Professor, Film and Digital Media
Film and video production, installation and media art.
Professor, Film & Digital Media, Digital Arts and New Media MFA program
Participatory Culture, Technology and Social Inclusion, Public Art.
Anna Friz
Assistant Professor, Film & Digital Media
Sound studies and production, radio and transmission art, media history, media ecologies, media art installation and performance, environmental art, methodologies for research creation, feminist histories of technology, community and pirate media.
Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media
Documentary production, history and theory; Experimental Film; Queer Studies
Associate Professor, Film & Digital Media
Media citizenship; non-theatrical film and film exhibition; archives and technologies of information; film preservation; mass media and humanitarianism; cinema and media history and historiography, institutions, disciplinarity, and the politics of knowledge.
Associate Professor, Film & Digital Media
Television history and theory, racial discourse, feminist criticism, Asian American media production, industrial practices and social change in both mainstream Hollywood and alternative media.
Portrait of John Leaños
Professor of Film & Digital Media
Documentary Animation, Chicanx/Latinx Cinema & Media, Indigenous Media, Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction, Social Documentation, Digital Media Theory and Practice, Community Arts and Social Art Practice.
Professor, Film & Digital Media, Affiliated Faculty: Feminist Studies, History of Art and Visual Culture, On leave for Fall 2020
Arab and Middle Eastern Cinemas; Postcolonial and transnational cinemas; settler colonialism; queer theory; race, gender, sexuality.
Professor, Film & Digital Media, Director, Center for Documentary Arts & Research (CDAR), Head of Production
Portrait of Soraya Murray
Associate Professor, Film & Digital Media
Visual culture including art, film, video, and electronic games. Intersectional approaches to race, nation gender, and sexuality in visual representation.
jaqueline olive
Visiting Assistant Professor, Social Documentation
Directing and producing film, Film and video production, race and racial justice, African American culture, BiPOC communities, Southern culture, social and environmental justice issues, civil and human rights, narrative fiction filmmaking, journalism, investigative reporting, transmedia and multi-pl
Professor, Film and Digital Media, Kenneth R. Corday Family Presidential Chair in Writing for Television & Film, Chair of Film and Digital Media
Critical archival studies; personal and institutional recordkeeping; access to the cultural record; media and social change; ephemeral cinema; amateur and home movies; participatory documentary; digital scholarship; cinema and public history
Assistant Professor, Film & Digital Media
Game design; games as forms of activism and art; animation; participatory culture; social art practice; non-fiction storytelling; theory/practice hybridity; Theatre of the Oppressed; expanded documentary; interaction design; worldbuilding; transmedia production, scholarship and activism.
Professor, Film & Digital Media
Theory and practice of digital media. Software design and media theory.
Professor, Film & Digital Media
Silent Cinema, Female Filmmakers, Film Censorship, Histories of Moviegoing, Early Hollywood
Portrait of Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
Associate Professor, Social Documentation, Director of Graduate Studies, Social Documentation MFA Program, Affiliated Faculty: Latin American and Latino Studies; Feminist Studies
Documentary film and video, social change, juvenile justice, migration, rural and small town life, Latinx and Latin American communities, education, pop culture, music, religion, politics, journalism.
Professor, Film & Digital Media
Film and video production; directing drama, documentary and experimental; cross-cultural experiences in film; film festival curator.
Professor, Film & Digital Media
Transnational/trans-regional Chinese cinemas of all periods, Intra-Asian and cross-Pacific film remakes, Pan-East Asian celebrity culture, East Asian cultural studies, and Asian American cinema.