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Winter 2022 Office Hours


Faculty   Office Hours   Office Phone Email
Andrews, Larry By appointment only 149B Communications 459-3120
Archer, Cam Mondays after 2:25pm via Zoom; email for appointment N/A N/A
Corfield, Christina By appointment only N/A N/A
Daniel, Sharon To be announced 251 DARC 459-3948
Friz, Anna By appointment only 125 Communications 459-4514
Furloni, Mario Tuesdays 1:30pm-3:30pm N/A N/A
Gustafson, Irene Fridays 10am-11am via Zoom; email for appointment 131 Communications 459-1498
Horne, Jennifer Tuesdays 2:30pm-4:30pm in-person or via Zoom; book in advance and zoom link will be sent 157F Kresge Acad. 459-2142
Jones, Daryl Tuesdays 12pm Oakes Cafe N/A
Kim, L.S. Mondays 4:15pm-5:15pm via Zoom; email for Zoom link 127 Communications 459-5543
Landberg, S. Topiary To be announced N/A N/A
Lareau, Quentin To be announced N/A N/A
Leaños, John To be announced 109 Kresge Annex B 459-1887
Limbrick, Peter

On leave for Winter 2022

157E Kresge Acad. 459-1239
Lusztig, Irene To be announced 111 Communications 459-2181
Lyons, Jamie To be announced N/A N/A
Murray, Soraya By appointment via Zoom/Phone; email for appointment 109 Communications 459-4947
Ochoa, Marcia To be announced 342 Humanities 1 459-4356
Prelinger, Rick
Department Chair
By appointment only 129 Communications 459-1816
Ruiz, Susana Fridays 12pm-2pm via Zoom; click here for zoom link 149C Communications 502-7564
Sack, Warren On leave for Winter 2022 103 Communications 459-1354
Shanken, Ed To be announced 236 Kresge Acad. N/A
Stamp, Shelley Tues/Thurs 10:30am-12pm in-person or via Zoom 157G Kresge Acad. 459-4462
Stern, Abram To be announced N/A N/A
Taylor, Jennifer Mondays 3pm-5pm and by appointment 105 Kresge Annex B 459-2826
V, Natasha Fridays after 2:40pm; email for appointment N/A N/A
Vazquez, Gustavo By appointment via Zoom or phone; email for appointment 155 Communications 459-1496
Walker, Logan Wednesdays 12pm-2pm; make an appointment N/A N/A
Wang, Yiman Thursdays 3pm-5pm via Zoom; click here for Zoom link 157D Kresge West 459-1357