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Spring 2024 Office Hours



Office Hours  




Alonso, Jon Ayon Tuesdays 2pm-3pm; Thursdays 10am-11am 143 Digital Arts Research Center TBA

Andrews, Larry

By appointment only 149B Communications 459-3120
Barron, Susana Tues/Thurs 11am-3pm or by appt via zoom TBA N/A

Daniel, Sharon

On leave for spring 2024 251 Digital Arts Research Center 459-3948
Erb, Joseph To be announced 129 Communications TBA

Friz, Anna

On leave for spring 2024 125 Communications 459-4514

Gustafson, Irene

by appt (link) 131 Communications 459-1498

Horne, Jennifer

Mondays 3pm-5pm Book in Advance (link) 1211 Kresge College Academic Center 459-2142

Kim, L.S.

To be announced 127 Communications 459-5543
Landberg, S. Topiary Fridays 11am-12pm on zoom 151 Communications N/A
Lareau, Quentin To be announced 151 Communications N/A

Leaños, John

By appointment via email 1203 Kresge College Academic Center 459-1887

Limbrick, Peter, Department Chair

Tuesdays 2-3pm via zoom; Wednesdays in-person 11am-12pm or by appt. 103 Communications TBA

Lusztig, Irene

By appointment only (link) 111 Communications 459-2181

Murray, Soraya

On sabbatical for spring 2024 109 Communications 459-4947
Perez, Livia Tuesdays 1pm-3pm TBA N/A
Riley, Allen Mondays 4:15pm-5:15pm TBA N/A
Rizzo-Martinez, Martin To be announced 1207 Kresge College Academic Center TBA

Ruiz, Susana

To be announced (link) 149C Communications 502-7564

Sack, Warren

Contact for appointment TBA 459-1354

Stamp, Shelley

Thursdays 3pm-5pm and by appt. 1213 Kresge College Academic Center 459-4462

Taylor, Jennifer

On leave for spring 2024 1205 Kresge College Academic Center 459-2826

V, Natasha

Wednesdays 9:30am-10:30am by appt. 151 Communications N/A

Vazquez, Gustavo

On sabbatical for spring 2024 155 Communications 459-1496
Walker, Logan Thursdays 10am-12pm and by appt. 151 Communications N/A
Wang, Yiman To be announced 1209 Kresge College Academic Center 459-1357