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Film and Digital Media Minor

The minor in film and digital media offers a foundation in visual culture and contributes important scholarly techniques of value to other disciplines.  Students earn a minor in film and digital media by completing eight courses: FILM 20A and 20B or 20C, and six upper-division courses, including three from the core curriculum of the general major (one each of the 130/132, 134, and 136 categories) and three upper-division critical studies electives. There is no production component in the minor, nor is there a senior comprehensive requirement.  

Students who pass FILM 20A, 20B or 20C are eligible to declare the film and digital media minor.  

Declared FDM minors are able to enroll in the core curriculum courses.  The three upper-division electives are to be chosen from the following: Any three additional upper-division Film and Digital critical studies courses other than production studio courses (FILM 150 and/or 170 series) that have not been used to satisfy the above core curriculum.  One of the electives may be substituted from another department or institution.  Course substitutions must be approved by the Film and Digital Media Department. 

Please refer to the UCSC General Catalog for complete information about the minor.  

FDM Minor Checklist Handout (PDF Download)