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Study Abroad

crowd at Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival

Film and Digital Media students are strongly encouraged to make study abroad part of their UCSC undergraduate education.  UC Santa Cruz students have many options for study abroad or away. UC Santa Cruz Programs include:

Other UC and Independent study abroad options include:

For more information on program options and planning, please visit UCSC Study Abroad.

Film and Digital Media students who study abroad or away can petition up to two courses to count toward the Film and Digital Media Major, with the exception of the UCSC Exchange program at the University of Sussex in which you can apply three courses for the major.  While you have flexibility on when you can study abroad as a Film and Digital Media major, it is recommended that you meet with your advisor to discuss your plans. If intending to take courses for your FDM major requirements while abroad, you should plan to find courses that can satisfy FDM’s 20 level courses, any in the 130, 132, 134, or 136 categories and upper-division electives.  For any courses that are not pre-approved, you will work with your advisor to petition for those courses taken abroad to satisfy major requirements. 

It is recommended that you SAVE ALL COURSEWORK!! It is your responsibility to retain all relevant course materials from your study abroad or away program should the department need to review them to determine course equivalencies. It can often be difficult to contact instructors after a study abroad program has ended.