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Course Substitutions

Film and Digital Media Course Substitution Policy

The department allows up to two courses to substitute for major requirements, and up to one upper-division elective to substitute for minor requirements.  At least one major qualification course (FILM 20A, 20B or 20C) must be taken at UCSC.  

Substitutions may be requested for upper-division FDM electives under the following conditions:

  • Courses taken in other departments at UCSC
  • Courses taken at other universities or institutions.
  • Courses taken through Study Abroad

Approved substitutions are instructor specific and valid only for the quarter in which the course was offered by the faculty indicated on the syllabus.

Generally, substitutions may be granted for writing intensive courses that primarily focus on the study and analysis of film, video, television and digital and/or electronic media.  Substitutions cannot be granted for classes where films were screened, but the primary focus was on another subject, like literature, drama, art, sociology, history, etc.  The level of work required of students must approximate that required in upper-division classes offered by Film and Digital Media.

Please contact the department at to begin the petition process for course substitution.  

**Upper-Division Course Substitution Request Form PDF

*** Transfer Student Course Substitution Request Form PDF