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Integrated Critical Practice Concentration

Please refer to the UCSC General Catalog for complete concentration requirements. 

Integrated Critical Practice Concentration

Handouts to Download: 

The integrated critical practice concentration (ICPC) provides a rigorous pathway beyond the general major requirements.  ICPC offers classes specifically reserved for seniors with exceptional abilities in both critical studies and production who seek to combine creative and scholarly work.

Admission to the integrated critical practice concentration will be granted to students who have excellent grades in film and digital media courses, an outstanding writing sample, a clear statement of purpose outlining a senior project that integrates critical studies and production work, and a strong Film and Digital Media faculty endorsement.  

Students are eligible to apply for the integrated critical practice concentration in the last quarter of their junior year.  Students may apply a second time in not accepted, but not later than the first quarter of their senior year.  

ICPC course requirements at the time of application:

  • Completed or are currently enrolled in FILM 120
  • Completed or are currently enrolled in at least three other upper-division critical studies classes
  • Completed FILM 170A or FILM 170B
  • Completed one other course from the 150 or 170 series
  • Declared film and digital media major
  • In good academic standing

ICPC applications materials:

  • Completed application form (available during spring quarter)
  • One-page statement of purpose
  • Sample essay
  • Statement of support from FDM faculty (submitted directly to the department undergraduate advisor)

Please visit the general catalog for a complete list of requirements.