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Transfer Students

There are 3 lower-division courses and 10 upper-division courses that are required for completion of the major. Student planning to apply in this major are not required to complete specific major prearation courses for consideration of admission to UC Santa Cruz.  Prospective transfer students intering at the junior level are encourages to complete FILM 20A through UCSC Summer Session prior to their transfer, especially if they will be pursuing one of the concentrations available.  Transfer students should be able to complete the general major within two years.  Students who have no fulfilled their general education requirements prior to transferring and pursue one of the film and digital media concentrations, a double major or minor, or study abroad may need additional time to complete their requirements.   

Major Requirements
All transfer students must enroll in at least one lower-division major course (FILM 20A, 20B or 20C) during their first quarter in residence.  Transfer students are strongly encouraged to enroll in FILM 20A during the Summer Session preceding their first quarter in residence.  After completing one lower-division course (FILM 20A, 20B or 20C) with a grade of C or better, transfer students may declare the 
FDM pre-major as early as their second quarter in residence.  Please visit our Major Requirements page for more information on major requirements.  

As preparation, prospective transfer students are strongly encouraged to enroll in FILM 20A through UCSC Summer Session prior to their transfer.  Incoming transfer students are also encouraged to participate in Summer Academy for Transfers and be eligible for reduced tuition for summer session if enrolled in 20A. 

Course Substitution
Transfer students may also petition the department to have equivalent lower-division courses taken at their current institution count toward their UCSC major requirements, unless their courses are articulated at To do so, transfer students must complete the
Lower-Division Course Substitution form and submit to the department office with a copy of the course syllabus.  At least one course out of FILM 20A, 20B and 20C must be taken at UCSC.  Please visit our Course Substitution page for more information on the department course substitution policy.  

Please refer to the UCSC General Catalog for complete information for incoming transfer students.  

Click Here for Download: List of FDM courses that satisfy general education requirements (PDF Download)