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Shelley Stamp: Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers (USA, 1911 - 1929)

Image of Shelley's DVD cover

Film and Digital Media Professor Shelley Stamp was recognized for her efforts in film preservation and rediscovery.  

PIONEERS: FIRST WOMEN FILMMAKERS (USA, 1911-1929) was awarded “Best Rediscovery of a Forgotten Film” at Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival in Bolognia, Italy.  PIONEERS is a blu-ray collection of rediscovered and restored films from the silent era from women directors including Alice Guy-Blanché, Lois Weber and Mabel Normand.  Professor Stamp served as curator for this collection, which celebrates the ground-breaking early female directors of American cinema who helped shape the language of film. 

Il Cinema Ritrovato is a movie festival dedicated to the rediscovery of rare and not well-known movies, with particular interest to the first cinematographic productions. The festival is hosted by film archive Cineteca di Bologna. 

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