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Mahshid Modares: Sanctions on the Sky

Please contact the filmmaker at for password access to this video.

Sanctions on the Sky explores the unbearable living conditions created for Iranian families under U.S. sanctions, specifically for those who have lost a loved one in airplane crashes during the past forty years. The film investigates the context created by the sanctions in terms of Iran's aviation industry through the story of a woman whose husband died in an airplane crash. Her story is followed by the work of an Iranian/American journalism professor and several short interviews with Iranians who share their concerns with the viewers.

This year's new online premiere format has opened access to the 2020 Social Documentation thesis films globally and often without restriction.  In some cases, such as with this piece, the filmmaker has chosen to grant access by password request.  This can be for reasons such as the privacy of the subjects, their safety, or other reasons of the artist's own discretion.  To view Sanctions on the Sky, please contact the filmmaker, Mahshid Modares, at for password access.

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