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Alex Johnston

Ph.D in Film and Digital Media, 2018
Assistant Professor in Film Production at Seattle University
Dissertation Title: From Prison Yard to Field of Play: Documentary Histories of Race and Movement in Film, Television and New Media
Ph.D in Film and Digital Media, 2018
Research Interests: 

Alex's research and creative work examines the politics and aesthetics of documentary and new media practices, with an emphasis on histories of race, class, and gender.

Education and Training: 
Ph.D. UC Santa Cruz, Film and Digital Media
M.A. UC Santa Cruz, Social Documentation
B.A. Pitzer College, Cultural Resistance
Dr. Alexander Johnston is a documentarian, media maker, and media scholar. He received his Master’s Degree in Social Documentation from the University of California Santa Cruz, and his Ph.D. in Film and Digital Media, also from UC Santa Cruz. He is currently an assistant professor at Seattle University. Prior to his career in academia, Alex spent a number of years working with, and as an advocate for, some of the 180,000 men, women and children incarcerated in prisons, jails and juvenile institutions throughout California. Alex is also the managing editor of the radical online media journal NOW! A Journal of Urgent Praxis. (