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Christina Corfield

Ph.D in Film and Digital Media, 2018
Lecturer in UC Santa Cruz Film and Digital Media Department
Dissertation Title: Instant Messenger: The Pony Express, Media, and Modern Virtuality
Ph.D in Film and Digital Media, 2018
Research Interests: 

Christina Corfield’s work deals with modes of popular cultural production and their methods of representing history, specifically focusing on the discourses raised by the role of technology in their spectatorship. Focusing on the rise of industrialization and popular culture in the 19th century, Corfield’s current research involves reconsidering the Pony Express as both communications technology and cultural artifact of the American popular imagination.


Education and Training: 
Ph.D. UC Santa Cruz, Film and Digital Media
M.F.A. San Francisco Art Institute
B.A. Glasgow School of Art
Christina is a practicing video artist and has exhibited her work throughout Europe and the US. She has been nominated for the prestigious SFMOMA SECA award and has also published in the online journal “Media Fields.”