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Spencer Holmes

Social Documentation MFA, 2023
Research Interests: Film/Media Analysis, Leftist/Socialist Political movements, Transgender politics, Abolition, African-American and Asian-American studies, Korean Reunification and Imperialism/Colonialism studies
Spencer Holmes (She/Her and They/Them) is a Documentary filmmaker and Cultural Anthropologist. They have graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a BA in Film and a BA in Anthropology in 2020. In Spencer's free time, she likes to skateboard, play video games, listen to a wide variety of music and play with her and her boyfriend's 2 cats. Some of their work includes co-directing The Lost City Museum documentary with Benjamin Van Alstyne. The documentary received a NATAS Pacific Southwest Emmy in the Student Craft- Video Essay category. They have also worked as a research intern alongside Alyssa Crittenden and Aniruddh Patel in an effort to document, analyze, and repatriate the musical tradition of the Hadza living in northern Tanzania.