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Martin Rizzo-Martinez

Assistant Professor, Film and Digital Media
Native American History; Spanish Borderlands; Indigenous Studies; Colonialism and Nationalism; American History; California History; Representation(s) of Native American People and Cultures; Critical Race & Ethnic Studies; Latin American and Latino Studies; Indigenous Studies; American Studies. 
Research Interests: 

My work focuses on Indigenous histories, politics, and stories from 19th Century California. My research and writings emphasize Indigenous politics of survival and perseverance by centering stories on Indigenous peoples rather than colonial institutions, such as the missions. 

Selected Publications: 
Education and Training: 
Ph.D., History, UC Santa Cruz, with Designated Emphases in American Studies & in Latin American and Latino Studies, 2016.
M.A., History, UC Santa Cruz, 2010.
B.A., American Studies, UC Santa Cruz, 2004.
B.A., Philosophy, UC Irvine, 1999.