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Ksenia Fir

Graduate Student, PhD Program
Research interests: Science Fiction, Media Representation of Law and Punishment, Futurism, Labor, Abolition and Transformative Justice, Cyborg Theory, Fandom Studies, Gender and Technology, Representation of the Other
Education and Training: 
B.A. San Francisco State University
M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz
Ksenia is interested in the ways global capitalism and technological advancements affect the disenfranchised and science fiction as a tool to create blueprints of future worlds. They graduated from San Francisco State University with B.A. in Cinema, receiving Achievement Awards for Special Recognition as Department Honoree and Academic Excellence. Their short films screened at multiple festivals and won several awards; their feature screenplay Terra Incognita was nominated for the Sloan Student Discovery Award. Ksenia is currently a Ph.D. student at UC Santa Cruz as a Eugene V. Cota-Robles fellow, with designated emphases in Feminist Studies and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies.