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Jason Woods

Production Coordinator
Jason Woods has worked on some of your favorite cancelled television shows. Formely an Executive Assistant to a Senior Vice President of Production at 20th Centry FoxTV, Jason has labored on such Fox owned prime-time productions as THE UNIT (CBS), LIE TO ME (FOX), and DOLLHOUSE (FOX) to name a few. Before 20th Century FoxTV, Jason worked in the syndicated production department of 20th TV, where he helped pioneer the “mobisode.” Jason then moved on as a creative executive for Sam Raimi's Star Roads Entertainment. Jason’s most recent creative work – a theatrical production which he write and directed – ran in Hollywood in 2007. Currently, Jason is a production coordinator for Turner Broadcasting. A Film & Digital Media graduate in 2004, Jason still proudly displays his “100% Slug” pin on his briefcase.