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Casondra Sobieralski

Ph.D in Film and Digital Media, 2022
Immersive environments for teaching history/archaeology – especially buried women’s history – in embodied and interactive ways.
Research Interests: 

Casondra is interested in building bridges between media and archaeology and in creating immersive experiences that bring history to life. Her dissertation research seeks to “recast” Near Eastern Bronze Age goddesses of love/sexuality—who were also goddesses of copper—as “proto-cybergoddesses.”   This is because copper plays a significant role in the history and future of networked information systems and digital culture, from the telegraph to the internet, from motherboards to quantum computing’s acceleration of artificial life.   Casondra is also interested in historical soundscapes, what epistemological questions sound can raise about historical spaces, and how sound can create spatial and temporal maps.

Education and Training: 
M.F.A., Art, San Francisco State University
B.A., Art History, University of Pittsburgh