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SocDoc Alum Rian Dundon New Book Reviewed in The New Yorker

Cover of Protest City Image of a fallen statue with SLAVE OWNER written in the background

Rian Dundon (MA in Social Documentation, 2012) has a new book of photographs, Protest City: Portland's Summer of Rage, which was recently reviewed in The New Yorker.  

Summary from Oregon State University Press: 

In the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election, Portland made national news with nightly social justice protests, often met with violent response by counter protestors and law enforcement. Though frequently regarded as a progressive hub, Portland has a long history of racial inequality and oppression, and the city’s entrenched divisions gained new attention during the Trump years. The photographs in Protest City present a visceral visual record of this significant moment in Portland’s history.

Congratulations, Rian!