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Spring 2021 Social Documentation Student, Alumni News

Alum Egill Bjarnason's book, "How Iceland Changed the World: The Big History of a Small Island" is available to the public.

Great job to our Class of 2022 cohort on four successful qualifying exams!  We are proud to congratulate:

  • Oana Tenter for her thesis project The Romanian Christian Conservative of Arizona (working title), committee members Neda Atanasoski, Karolina Karlic, and Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
  • Chisato Hughes for her thesis project Many Moons, committee members Anna Tsing, Christine Hong, LS Kim, and Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
  • Lara Saab for her thesis project Washing Machine Temporalities (working title), committee members Dee Hibbert-Jones, Anna Friz and Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
  • Ruth Anne Beutler for her thesis project Evangelical Reckoning (working title), committee member Jacqueline Olive and Jennifer Maytorena Taylor

Alum Egill Bjarnason’s (class of 2015) new book, How Iceland Changed the World: The Big History of a Small Island, has been reviewed in the New York Times and is widely available to the public.  Check it out via the publisher or wherever books are sold.

From the class of 2020, Melanie Ho's thesis film, sống ở đây, is an official selection at CAAMFest.