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Film and Digital Media Statement on anti-AAPI Crimes and Racism

In the wake of the recent horrific murders in Atlanta, in which a young white man killed eight people including six Asian women, we in the Department of Film and Digital Media stand in loving solidarity with our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander colleagues, students, friends and fellow community members.

These murders are sadly the most recent major incident of violence suffered by Asian American communities, especially women. In the last year, hate crimes targeting Asian Americans have risen over 150% in major cities across the United States.  And mass media representations of these incidents too often treat these acts of hatred and violence as isolated incidents, depict them as the results of a few bad actors or a man having "a bad day," and fail to connect the ways in which racism and misogyny feed each other.

We reject explanations for violence and false narratives that dismiss the persisting structures of racism, misogyny and hate, and we grieve the loss of life and loved ones. We acknowledge the grief, exhaustion and fear our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander colleagues, friends, and students are feeling in this time of heightened violence and hatred. We humbly join in sadness and resolve to make our department a safe and supportive space for all our community members.