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UC Santa Cruz at the Santa Cruz Film Festival

The Santa Cruz Film Festival takes place on October 11-15 and we will have many slugs participating, including FDM and SocDoc alums! 

Lucas Bonetti (SocDoc MA 2016) will be screening his documentary short FISHERMEN WITHOUT A SEA, as part of the “Ocean Shorts: EarthVision Program” on Friday, October 13.  

Reagan Brashear (American Studies BA 2003, Social Documentation MA 2008) will be in attendance at the screening of DEEJ, which she is a co-producer, on Friday, October 13.  

Jesseca Ynez Simmons (Politics BA 2014) will be screening her short film EMERALD ICE on Friday, October 13.  

Davis Banta (FDM BA 2009) will be screening his short film HALLUCINALIEN on Friday, October 13.  

Ryan Gallagher (FDM BA 2004) will be screening his short film BACKUP PLAN on Friday, October 13. 

Robert Byington (Literature BA 1988) will be screening his narrative feature comedy INFINITY BABY on Saturday, October 14.  

Tal Skloot (Music BA 1988) will be in attendance at his screening for his documentary feature 4 WHEEL BOB on Saturday, October 14.   

Beth Stephens (Chair, Art Department) and Annie Sprinkle will be screening their new documentary feature WATER MAKES US WET on Sunday, October 15.  

Ben Judkins (FDM BA 2017) will be screening his short film MARSHALL on Sunday, October 15.  MARSHALL received a UCSC Dean’s Award in 2017.  Ben will be in attendance at the screening, along with collaborators Dylan Hutchinson-Enos, Sophia Zaklikowski, Kai Killion and Lucas Heinel.  

Congratulations to all of our slugs who will be participating at the festival. Please support their efforts by attending a screening.  Tickets are available on the Santa Cruz Film Festival website.  More information about these films and locations of events can be found on their website.