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Rian Dundon (SocDoc '12) Photo Exhibit in Oakland

Rian Dundon's (SocDoc '12) work will be featured ina photo exhibit at the Loakal Gallery in downtown Oakland from January 3 - February 4.

From the press release:“Trust” is a two-person show featuring Oakland-based photographers Brittani Sensabaugh and Rian Dundon, on view January 3 through February 4. In both of their bodies of work, Sensabaugh and Dundon expose various social strata, examining parts of society rarely shown in the media, described in novels or dramatized in films. Though Sensabaugh’s body of work takes place in Oakland, CA and Dundon’s in Changsha, China, the two artists share a similarly sensitive approach to photographing people in unadorned, urban environments. They neither idealize their subjects, nor attempt to make them emissaries. Rather, the two artists deliver honest vignettes of lives they may not otherwise be able to enter.