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May 10th Broadcast of JAKE SHIMABUKURO: LIFE ON FOUR STRINGS by Tad Nakamura (SocDoc 0'08)

Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings by Tad Nakamura (SocDoc '08) will have it's broadcast premiere on PBS this Friday, May 10th at 9p in most cities (some cities will broadcast it at different times -please check local stations listings).  It has been 15 years since PBS (not POV or Independent Lens) has programed a prime time, national broadcast of an Asian American documentary film.

JAKE SHIMABUKURO: LIFE ON FOUR STRINGS tells the heartfelt story of a musical sensation who has catapulted the ukulele to never before-imagined heights as he touches the lives of the young and old who inspire his brilliance.