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Sarah Bird

Graduate Student, PhD Program
Histories and theories of ecology, relationships of human and plant species seen through the lens of physical scale and time scale, and ways to catalyze us to protect biodiversity.
Education and Training: 
M.F.A. Sculpture - California College of the Arts, San Francisco. CA
B.A. Fine Arts, Amherst College, MA
Sarah Bird is an interdisciplinary artist whose work investigates relationships between humans and the natural world in an attempt to catalyze us to protect our planet’s precious bio-diversity. Bird’s current photographic portraits focus on trees, elevating them to their essential place in our web of being, and reveal the beauty and biological wealth of these great protagonists of the living world. The portraits restore the tree to the place from which it had been stripped by anthropocentrism. Her work is informed by Deep Ecology of the 1970s, recent scientific discoveries concerning trees’ relationships among other plant and insect species, and trees’ vital role in carbon sequestration. Sarah was born in Australia, and grew up in New York , Paris and London. She holds a BA from Amherst College and an MFA from California College of the Arts.