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Rana Jarbou

M.A., Film and Digital Media, 2020
Documentary, counter-narratives, social movements, identity, gender, Arabic graffiti, spatiality
Education and Training: 
M.A. UCSC Social Documentation
Rana Jarbou is a filmmaker and social documentarian. Her artistic and archival practice deals with social movements, gender, and graffiti in the Arabian Peninsula, to produce counter-narratives highlighting issues of censorship and the politics of space. She’s published essays in Arabic Graffiti, Walls of Freedom, and Street Art of Resistance, and exhibited her work in international and regional arts and culture exhibitions. She co-produced and filmed the BBC Arabic documentary, Kingdom’s Candidates, which documents women’s historic participation in the Saudi municipal elections in 2015, and her social documentary film Hajwalah (2015) screened in numerous intl’ film festivals. Her current research is focused on media intervention and practice interrogate state propaganda and spectacle of vision, both in the present and historical contexts of gendered social movements and repressed spatial histories.