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Irene Gustafson

Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media
Documentary production, history and theory; Experimental Film; Queer Studies
Research Interests: 

Irene Gustafson’s research interests are located very broadly within visual culture studies with an emphasis on film/video theory and production. Her specific areas of research are: non-fiction film/video, experimental film/video, and queer and sexuality studies. 



Phone: 831-459-1498
Fax: 831-459-1341
Office: 131 Communications
Selected Publications: 


reimagining the city as our own [in collaboration with Skywatchers, 2020, digital video, 20 min.     

   Cinematographer, Editor

Close [2020, digital video, 50min.]
   Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Facing the Subject: On Observation  [2016, digital video, 25 min.]
   Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Portrait of Turner [2009, digital video, 55 min.]
   Producer, Director, Editor

Incoming Messages [2008, digital video, 25 min.]
   Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor,

Queens of Heart  [2006, digital video]
   Co-writer, Editing Advisor

Screen Test No.1, No.2, No.3  [1998-2001, film/video, 12 min.]
   Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor,

Velvets  [1999, film/video, 25 min.]
   Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

Distracted  [1997, video, 15 min.]
   Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor



Poetics + Politics: Against Story 2019

“On the Importance of Being Two-Faced” in Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier Vol. 4(1) Spring 2016

“How Much is That Doggy in the Window” in Animal Housing and Human-Animals Relations: Politics, Practices and Infrastructures (Routledge: Spring 2016)

“Putting Things to the Test: Re-considering Portrait of Jason (1967)” Camera Obscura 77, vol. 26, no. 2 (Winter 2011)

“Notes on Screen Testing” Journal of Visual Culture, Vol. 6, no.1 (Spring 2007)

“Longing at the Found and Lost: Telephones with a Memory” Spectator, Vol.26, no.2 (Spring 2006)

Education and Training: 
M.F.A., Radio/TV/Film, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
B.A., The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
Teaching Interests: 

Video Production, Non-fiction history and theory, Gender and Queer Studies, Animal Studies, Critical Practices