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Deepika Shrestha Ross

M.F.A. Student – Class of 2020
Research Interests Identity Development and Agency - particularly in the context of immigration Space and Place - the social and political implications of space, gentrification Cultural Narratives - the selling of the "American Dream" and its impact on segments of the American population and immigrant communities) Teaching and Learning - the intersection of design and pedagogy, access to education
Education and Training: 
Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell University 1984
For the past three decades, Deepika's work as an architect has involved telling the "story" of communities, institutions, and individuals, through the design of physical space. She turns her focus now, to documenting stories that center on "belonging," told through the lens of immigrant children''s experiences (past and present) in developing identity and agency. This sense of "belonging," rooted in our personal narrative (which is often a response to a dominant cultural narrative) not only determines our ability to lead meaningful and productive lives, but also drives our engagement in community and politics, which is essential to a healthy democracy, and the realization of a more just world.