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Cebe Loomis

Graduate Student, SocDoc Program - Class of 2018
Ethnographic photography essay exploring the cultural landscape of Virginia City, Nevada, the silver-mining boomtown home to the Comstock Lode of 1859. Through analogue photography, sound montage and ethnographic text, Loomis is interested in exploring how Virginia City culturally interacts with its built and natural landscapes and how those landscapes interrelate with the identities of Virginia City.
Research Interests: 

Cebe Loomis is a practicing visual artist and social documentarian. Specializing in the ethnographic photography essay, Loomis' research interests include practices of visual anthropology, place-making, cultural geography and collective memory formation.  Loomis has conducted research in various countries—from exploring the family dynamics of the Cambodian household; to investigating the complications of devout nationalism within Cuba’s socioeconomic framework; to illuminating the hopes and fears of a group of boys graduating from Malibu High School.

Education and Training: 
BA, Anthropology, Vassar College, 2013