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Alessia Cecchet

PhD in Film and Digital Media, 2022
Stop motion animation, cinematography, animal representation, animal death
Research Interests: 

Originally from Italy, Alessia Cecchet is maker of moving images. In her films she explores matters of loss and grief through the mix of different mediums; stop motion, fibers and live action film (both digital and analog). Alessia MA from the University of Bologna (Italy) where she graduated with a thesis about the American animated cinema during WWII. Her thesis won the Future Film Festival award in 2013 and is now in the progress of being published. Her thesis MFA thesis film Onikuma premiered in Italy during the 34th Torino Film Festival in the fall of 2016. Onikuma is an experimental narrative piece that follows the journey of two women through their memories and dreams using both live action film and stop motion animation. Her films have been shown in several countries such as the United States, Spain, Italy, Republic of Kosovo, and the UK.

Education and Training: 
M.F.A. Film, Syracuse University
M.A., Cinema Television, University of Bologna
B.A., Communication, University of Bologna