Course Substitutions

Film and Digital Media Course Substitution Policy

Substitutions will be granted for upper-division critical studies elective credit only.

A maximum of two substitutions for the major and one substitution for the minor will be granted for courses taken either at another institution or from other UCSC departments.

Substitutions may be requested for upper-division F&DM electives under the following conditions:

*       Courses taken in other departments at UCSC*.

*       Courses taken at other universities.

*       Courses taken through EAP.

*       Independent study courses in critical study taken within Film and Digital Media.

*       Approved substitutions are valid only for the quarter in which the course was offered by the faculty indicated on the syllabus.

Transfer Students: please see special instructions for substituting courses to meet major declaration requirements.  

Generally, substitutions may be granted for writing intensive courses that primarily focus on the study of film, video and/or television.  Substitutions cannot be granted for classes where films were screened, but the primary focus was on another subject, like literature, drama, art, sociology, history, etc.  The level of work required of students must approximate that required in upper-division classes offered by Film and Digital Media.

* No petition is required for some UCSC classes already on the pre-approved list.  Please contact the Film and Digital Media office before submitting a petition for a UCSC class.

**Upper-Division Course Substitution Request Form PDF

*** Transfer Student Course Substitution Request Form PDF