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Transfer Students | Film+Digital Media / Social Documentary at UC Santa Cruz

Transfer Students

Transfer Students Three lower-division and 10 upper-division courses are required for completion of the major. With some lower-division preparation, transfer students should be able to complete the upper-division course work and the major within two years.


As preparation, prospective transfer students are strongly encouraged to enroll in FILM 20A through UCSC summer session prior to their transfer. All transfer students must earn a C or higher in two 20-level courses, FILM 20A and either FILM 20B or 20C (at least one must be taken at UCSC) in order to declare the major. By completing FILM 20A, 20B or 20C with a C or higher, transfer students are eligible to declare the F&DM Pre-Major.


Transfer students must petition the department to have equivalent lower-division courses taken at their current institution count toward their UCSC major requirements.  To do so, transfer students must complete the Lower-Division Course Substitution form and submit to the department office with a copy of the course syllabus.  


Students who do not complete at least one lower-division major requirement (FILM 20A) through Summer Session, students who are interested in graduating with a double major, and students who must finish general education requirements may need additional time to complete their studies. Transfer students are strongly encouraged to speak with an academic adviser at the department office prior to enrolling in classes in order to determine their status and to be advised about the declaration of major process.


List of F+DM courses that satisfy general eduation requirements (Updated March 2014)