PhD Students

Sarah Bird
Histories and theories of ecology, relationships of human and plant species seen through the lens of physical scale and time scale, and ways to catalyze us to protect biodiversity.
Isabelle Carbonell
Expanded documentary, experimental ethnographic film, environmental justice, eco-disasters, multispecies ethnography, invasive species, the anthropocene, and jellyfish.
Alessia Cecchet
Stop motion animation, cinematography, animal representation, animal death
Laimir Fano Villaescusa
Documentary theory, history, and practice: Movement across geographical and political boundaries are also elemental in his thinking and experience.
Ksenia Firsova
Science fiction, representation of the Other, cyborg theory, transformative media fandom, gender and technology, speculative fiction as an activist tool, anarchx-feminism
Yulia Gilichinskaya
Border studies, critical geography, affect theory as well as surveillance studies and militaristic technology
Suzy Halajian
Intersection of art and politics, treating image making as steeped in colonial pasts and modern surveillance states, legacies of trauma and conflict in experimental documentary and performance practices from the Middle East and North Africa and their diaspora.
Rana Jarbou
Documentary, counter-narratives, social movements, identity, gender, Arabic graffiti, spatiality
Marilia Kaisar
Storytelling, Smartphones, Speculative Design, Architectural Space, Urban Studies, Immersive Environments, Forensic Architecture, Critical Geographies, Digital Mapping, Multimedia Storytelling, Desire, Consumption, Eroticism and Sexuality, Feminist and Queer Theory, Augmented Reality
Brett Kashmere
Media Sport Studies, Documentary and Experimental Cinemas, Fan Studies, Visual Anthropology, Essay Film, Cultural Studies, Film/Video Curating, Non-Theatrical Film and Exhibition, Microcinemas, Artist-Run Film Labs and Processes, Archives
Chris Kerich
Chris is interested in exploring different artistic methods for critical interrogation of digital systems, with a special focus on games and game art.
Darline Kim
Experimental documentary film, experimental ethnography, documentary performance, politics of representation, historiography of Korean diaspora
Kiki Loveday (née Kerrie Welsh)
Feminist Film Praxis, Women’s and Queer Film Historiography, Technology and Social Change
Pardis Mehdizadegan
Experimental documentary, Iranian cinema, theories of exile and displacement, exilic and diaspora cinema, dissidence and creativity, ethical and social responsibilities of art.
Karl Mendonca
Participatory Art
Erick Msumanje
Black Diaspora, Urbanism, Immigration, Black Cinema
Rebecca Ora
Docufiction; Ethnographic Film; Performance Studies; Comedy; The Holocaust
Esra Ozban
Film festivals, queer cinema, collective memory, film theatres, archival studies, counter-hegemonic memory, film programming, gender/sexuality studies
Ryan Page
Noise, mediation, DIY electronics, semiotics of consumer media technologies, signal interference
Raed El Rafei
participatory documentary, Video essays, multimedia storytelling, queer film, Middle-Eastern studies, first-person film narratives
Ebadur Rahman
Film and digital media as a radically new form of public forum, new media, participatory archive, and open subjectivity.
Amy Reid
Intersections between gender, national identities, and labor
Francesca Romeo
Surveillance/sousveillance/dataveillance studies, conceptual documentary practice, cinema of social justice, intervention art, media archeology, and experimental histories
Daniel Rudin
Film and documentary studies, Philippine studies, expanded documentary, transmedia, spatial montage, public sphere, counterpublics, multimedia journalism, art history and theory, labor
Dorothy Santos
Activism, interactive and computational media, biotechnology, bioart, experimental film, augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive fiction, and gaming
Yasheng She
catharsis and trauma in media, how narratives, facilitated by immersive and interactive technology, create opportunities for self-reflection
Kelly Sky
Environmental Science; Digital Art; Mapping; Documentary Filmmaking
Casondra Sobieralski
Immersive environments for teaching history/archaeology – especially buried women’s history – in embodied and interactive ways.
Abram Stern (aphid)
participatory archives, internet art, the public domain, metadata, panoptics, forensic aesthetics, open video, free culture
Kara Stone
Interested in exploring the role of art in the on-going process of healing, in relation to playful interactive technological art and post-human bodies
Elia Vargas
Committed to a practice based in conceptual, intellectual, and historical consideration of video, performance, sound, and the cultural framework of place.
Rolando Vargas
archival audiovisual, video installation, documentary film, Colombia, exile in Latin America.