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Joanna Sokolowski

Graduate Student, SocDoc Program
Research Interests: 

It takes one minute to attempt murder, but a lifetime to build a new future. STILL TIME follows LaKeisha, a woman whose one unforgivable act resulted in a life fractured by nearly two decades behind bars. The everyday details of ordinary living that others take for granted become very different sets of problems and rewards for someone just out of prison. Incarcerated at the age of 15 and released at 35, LaKeisha discovers that although life on the outside can be just as unpredictable as life in prison, she can still find her way back home.

Joanna Sokolowski was a recent recipient of the UC Berkeley Human Rights Fellowship and a presenter at the UCSC Art Dean’s Leadership Board. Her current project, STILL TIME is a 20 minute documentary film about life after prison, and is in partnership with the California Coalition for Women Prisoners. Joanna received her B.A. at Portland State University in Community Development with a concentration of Social Organization and Change.
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