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Core Courses

All core classes are taught in a cohort model, instead of a competitive, individualistic model. SocDoc emphasizes the group as a unit of cohesion and mutual assistance. Students carry out individual projects, but they are shaped and vetted all together.

The Social Documentation program has a required core curriculum around which students are expected to design their own course of study.

First Year:

200 "Approaches to Social Documentary"(fall)
201A "Introduction to Documentary Field Production and Editing (fall)
201B "Advanced Documentary Field Production & Editing" (spring)
201C "Project Planning for the Social Documentary (spring)
202 "Practice of Social Documentary" (winter)
203 "Social Science Research and Representation" (winter)

Second Year:

204 “Ways of Seeing and Hearing” (fall or winter)
293 "Studies & Practice for SocDoc, Filmmaking & New Media" (winter)
294A "Production, Analysis, Editing" (fall)
294B "Production, Analysis, Editing" (winter)
294C "Production, Analysis, Editing" (spring)
295 "Project completion

In addition to these mandatory courses, an additional 12 credits must be secured through electives as identified on an individual basis, offered by other departments, or through independent study classes with or approved by faculty advisers.

Students will work with their advisors in designing an individualized course of study that supplement the core curriculum with classes that support the student’s specific project. Specific media production classes will also be included in the course of study.

For more information and detailed descriptions of Social Documentation Core Courses, please refer to the UCSC General Catalog Social Documentation Section.

For a listing of courses offered during the current quarter, please refer to the UCSC Schedule of Classes.