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Designated Emphasis - Social Documentation


Designated Emphasis - Social Documentation

UC Santa Cruz graduate students enrolled in doctoral programs may obtain a designated emphasis in social documentation as part of their Ph.D. degree. Students must meet the following requirements in order to obtain the designated emphasis:

·      Secure approval from a member of the Social Documentation Program core faculty to serve as the advisor for the Designated Emphasis.

·      Have one core faculty member from the Social Documentation core faculty serve on the student’s qualifying examination committee or dissertation committee.

·      Submit a significant piece of documentary work that demonstrates competence in the field of Social Documentation. This project could consist of a digital video or photography project, or possibly an audio or web-based piece, focused on the student's area of study and thus constituting a parallel investigation into the subject of the PhD dissertation.  In certain circumstances, a documentary project on a subject other than the dissertation could be approved, but generally that would not be the case. The submitted project must meet the approval of the student's Social Documentation advisor.

·      Successfully complete four graduate courses taught with core faculty of the Social Documentation Program. The courses must be pre-approved by the student's Designated Emphasis advisor. In most cases, these courses would included 200, 202, and two others, but may be adapted to fit the needs of particular students.