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Rebecca Gourevitch

Education and Training: 
BA Sociology, University of California Santa Cruz
Rebecca Gourevitch was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where she learned black and white darkroom processing at a young age, immediately falling in love with the camera. While attending UC Santa Cruz as an undergraduate student, Rebecca became active in the Labor Movement organizing with the Student Worker Labor Coalition and the Reel Works Labor Film Festival. From 2011 - 2014 she worked as a Tenant Organizer with the San Francisco Tenants Union. During this time Rebecca was involved with Occupy San Francisco and later helped form Eviction Free San Francisco, a group that confronts landlords and real estate speculators through creative direct actions. Rebecca’s documentary will look at the ongoing struggles surrounding gentrification and the subsequent displacement and changing landscapes of urban cities. Through photographs and oral histories she hopes to preserve the identities and imagery of communities and those who inhabit them.