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Marissa Kitazawa

Graduate Student, SocDoc Program - Class of '14
Research Interests: 

Legacy of Resilience - The Japanese American community has been described as resilient, but resilience comes at a cost. Haunted by the events of World War II and the incarcerations of Japanese Americans, remarkable individuals in today’s generations consider the impact of their story on life today.  Through a multigenerational lens, archival footage, and animation to fill in the picture, this documentary focuses on the people who are finding ways of moving forward and continuing to fight for social justice.

Honors & Awards:
Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, UC Santa Cruz 2014
Sako Graduate Scholar, JACL-SC Watsonville 2013
Porter College Graduate Research Grant, UC Santa Cruz 2013
Florence French Fellowship, UC Santa Cruz 2013
Henry & Chiyo Kuwahara Scholar, JACL 2012
Activist of the Month, Asian Pacific Islander Equality, May 2012

Education and Training: 
BA, Media Studies & Economics, Pitzer College
MA, Social Documentation, UC Santa Cruz
Marissa Kitazawa is a filmmaker who integrates art with community activism. She has worked extensively to develop several youth empowerment programs in Los Angeles that converge community storytelling, coalition building, and intergenerational dialogue. Her research interests include: WWII Japanese American incarceration, healing in diasporic oral histories, generational impact of community trauma, communities of color activism, antiracist politics, human rights and civil rights. Marissa believes art is a tool for social change by transforming communities through dialogue, creativity and engagement.
Legacy of Resilience (Video)