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Kati Greaney

Graduate Student, SocDoc Program
Research Interests: 

Guajiros - Two young Haitian agronomists, Ernst Jean Baptiste and Welbry Delince explore Cuba's world-renowned agricultural model.  After studying for five years at the Agrarian University of Havana, they set out on a tour of the island to interview a wide range of farmers about their practices. Traveling by horse, bus, and truck, they consider whether Cuban techniques of sustainable farming can be transplanted to the Haitian food system.

Education and Training: 
BA Community Studies, UC Santa Cruz
Kati Greaney is a documentary photographer working on a project which records histories of farmers in Cuba. She is a graduate of UCSC in the Community Studies department and has worked as a teacher and photographer in the Bay Area for the past few years. She has also worked on documentary projects in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, Tamil Nadu, South India, and throughout the United States.
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Guajiros (Video)