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Jack Chapman

Graduate Student, SocDoc Program - Class of '14
Research Interests: 

Bread or Blood - A different kind of road movie, Bread or Blood carries the viewer on a journey along rails and rivers, following the route across the United States taken by Kelly's Army in 1894.  Contemporary voices punctuate movement through the landscapes that surround America's old arteries. Steel wheels are polished bright by thousands of miles of rail as the stories of America echo down the mountains, deserts, high plains, and fields of corn, all the way to the meandering currents and eddies of the Des Moines, Mississippi, and Ohio Rivers.

Jack Chapman is a photographer who has been working independently for over a decade. He has brought three solo exhibitions to Europe and has shown work in eight countries. Jack published a book titled Background in 2008 that is in the Special Collections Library at the University of California, Santa Cruz. For the last ten years Jack has been employed as a Staff Research Associate in the photography area of the Baskin Visual Art Department at UCSC. Jack received his BA in art at UCSC in 1999 and is currently a candidate for a master's degree in the Social Documentation program.
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Bread or Blood (Video)