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Noah Chandler

"SisterLove: Keeping it Real. Globally!" (Audio)
After graduating with a B.A. in Community Studies from UCSC in the early 1990s, Noah spent a majority of the next 10 years with two grassroots organizations working in communities affected by hate group organizing. As a full-time researcher on the far right I had with me, at all times, a pen, paper and either a camera or a tape recorder. He found that the function of documenting proved to be an extremely powerful tactic in social justice work. Since those times Noah have moved the focus of his political studies to include issues of global justice and more specifically the link of what he calls the "local" with that often separated idea of the "global". Along with traditional mediums of dissemination, he also use Internet technologies to expand the ways in which he broadcast his works. While Noah’s interests include the development of audio, photographic and video works he is currently concentrating on the medium of audio documentary.
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