Fall 2018

Course Days Times Location
DANM 250B Collaborative Research Project Group: Socially Engaged Art
Sharon Daniel
T 3:20PM-6:20PM Digital Arts 206
DANM 250E Collaborative Research Project Group: Experimental Play
Susana Ruiz
TH 9:50AM-12:50PM Digital Arts 308
FILM 020A Introduction to Film Studies
Peter Limbrick
4:00PM - 5:35PM
Humn Lecture Hall
Humn Lecture Hall
FILM 080M Understanding Media
Edward Shanken
TTH 7:10PM-8:45PM Classroom Unit 002
FILM 080S Special Topics in Film and Digital Media: History of Animation
Susana Ruiz
WF 12:50PM-2:25PM Commun Bldg 150
FILM 132A International Cinema: to 1960
Yiman Wang
TTH 11:50AM-2:40PM Commun Bldg 150
FILM 134B American Film: 1960-Present
Logan Walker
TTH 3:20PM-6:20PM J Bask Aud 101
FILM 150 Screenwriting
Natasha V.
F 10:40AM-2:40PM Commun Bldg 113
FILM 162 Film Authors: Female Filmmakers
Shelley Stamp
MW 3:30PM-6:30PM Commun Bldg 150
FILM 170A Fundamentals of Digital Media Production
Abram Stern (aphid)
TTH 10:45AM-1:15PM Porter Acad D240
FILM 170B Fundamentals of Film and Video Production
Cam Archer
Commun Bldg 130
Commun Bldg 140
FILM 171A Special Topics Workshop: Sound
Anna Friz
MW 2:40PM-5:05PM Commun Bldg 130
FILM 171S Special Topics in Film and Video Production: Ecocinema theory and practice: Making Films in the Anthropocene
Isabelle Carbonell
TTH 3:20PM-5:50PM Commun Bldg 113
FILM 172 Narrative Video Workshop
Cam Archer
Commun Bldg 130
Commun Bldg 140
FILM 185D Sound and Image in Theory and Criticism
Anna Friz
TTH 3:20PM-4:55PM Commun Bldg 150
FILM 194C New Media Theory Seminar: Games, Representation and the Cinematic
Soraya Murray
TTH 1:30PM-3:30PM Commun Bldg 121
FILM 200C Theory and Praxis of Film and Digital Media 2
Soraya Murray
M 3:30PM-6:30PM Commun Bldg 139
FILM 224 Mediating Difference
Yiman Wang
TH 6:30PM-9:30PM Commun Bldg 139
FILM 237 Graduate Critique
Lawrence Andrews
W 12:00PM-3:00PM Commun Bldg 139
SOCD 200 Approaches to Social Documentation
Susan Gerhard
F 2:45pm-5:45pm Kresge Annex B115
SOCD 201A Introduction to Documentary Field Production and Editing
Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
Commun Bldg 139
Commun Bldg 140
SOCD 204 Ethnographic Writing and Social Documentation
Marcia Ochoa
T 3:00PM-6:00PM Kresge Annex B115
SOCD 294A Production/Analysis/Editing
Lawrence Andrews
W 4:00PM-7:00PM Commun Bldg 113