Francesca Romeo

Graduate Student, PhD Program
Francesca Romeo received her BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley, and a dual Master’s degree from Pratt Institute in Photography and Art History. She has lived and worked in New York City over the last twenty years as a fine art photographer and entrepreneur, navigating themes of intimacy and addiction through the prism of various subcultures. Her work at UCSC shifts these concerns from the microcosm of subjective experience, to the macrocosm of infrastructures that dictate, license, and modify behavior through visual means. She is interested in the history of recorded instances that have activated political and social change as well as producing a critical practice that can offer alternate and potentially liberatory models of negotiating individual and collective agency, while reimagining history.
Research Interests: 

surveillance/sousveillance/dataveillance studies, conceptual documentary practice, cinema of social justice, intervention art, media archeology, and experimental histories