FDM Cinema Society Fall 2017: Cinema of the Anthropocene

FDM Cinema Society and The Panorama Collective Present:
Cinema of the Anthropocene: rethinking the role of film in climate change

Thursdays 5:00pm-7:00pm in Communications 119
followed by discussion and dinner downtown at the Abbot Square

Cinema of the Anthropocene seeks to challenge conventional documentary cinema and typical representations of climate change and the so-called Anthropocene (which we engage with critically), and invite the community in discussions over how we can better represent and think through climate change and interrelated topics in film and other media. We are screening films that are hard-to-find, made by a variety of filmmakers of all genders, from all over the world. We will screen every Thursday 5-7, for a total of 8 screenings. Information on each week and a list of films is on the poster. Co-hosted by Isabelle Carbonell, Topiary and The Panorama Collective.


  • October 5 - Speculative Futures: Soon It Would Be Too Hot (Liotta, 2014), and Homo Sapiens (Geyrhalter, 2016)
  • October 12 - Multispecies: Mothlight (Brakhage, 1963), selectionsfrom Secrets of Nature series (1930-39), The Seahorse (PainlevĂ©, 1933), and excerpts from The Secret Life of Plants (Green, 1978)
  • October 19 - Containerization: The Forgotten Space (Sekula/Burch, 2010)
  • October 26 - Industrial Food: Ilha das Flores (Furtado, 1989), and Our Daily Bread (Geyrhalter, 2005)
  • November 2 - Capitalocene: The Plastic Bag (Bahrani, 2009) and Manufactured Landscapes (Baichwal/Burtynsky, 2006)
  • November 9 - Rising Seas: H20 (Steiner, 1929) and Shored Up (Kalina, 2013)
  • November 16 - Disasters & Their Afterlives: Half-Lives: The Chernobyl Workers Now (Crow, 2011) and The Great Invisible (Brown, 2014)
  • November 30 - Making-with: Organism (Harris, 1975), End of Perspective (Ginzburg, 2015) and A Park for the City (MacDonald, 2014)

Photo Credit: Justin Hofman

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 5:00pm - Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 5:00pm
Communications Building, Room 119