Two Alumni (SocDoc '15) featured at the prestigious Margaret Mead Film Festival in NYC

October 22, 2015
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Michelle Aguilar
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Rana Aljarbou

SocDoc alumni, Michelle Aguilar and Rana Jarbou (just graduated in June, 2015), will be showing their work in a curated "Emerging Visual Anthropologist's Showcase" at the prestigious Margaret Mead Film Festival in NYC, at the Museum of Natural History.

Michelle Aguilar's film, El Cacao, examines Fair Trade from the perspective of an Ngäbe farmer in Panama where Neoliberal ideology, human rights, and the economics of the global chocolate industry collide in this exposé of the dark side of Latin American chocolate production.

Rana Jarbou's film, Hajwalahs, depicts a young man’s passion for the illegal practice of tafheet—joyriding—provides a novel perspective on the rapidly growing desert metropolis of Riyadh.