Cebe Loomis

Graduate Student, SocDoc Program - Class of '18
Ethnographic photography essay profiling Virginia City, Nevada, the Comstock Load's boomtown home. Through analogue photography and audio-visual soundscape, Loomis hopes to research and document the town's contemporary relationship to its historicized memory and preserved environmental space.
Education and Training: 
BA, Anthropology, Vassar College, 2013
Research Interests: 

Cebe Loomis is a practicing visual artist and social documentarian. Specializing in the ethnographic photography essay, Loomis' research interests include practices of visual anthropology, place-making, cultural geography and collective memory formation.  Loomis has conducted research in various countries—from exploring the family dynamics of the Cambodian household; to investigating the complications of devout nationalism within Cuba’s socioeconomic framework; to illuminating the hopes and fears of a group of boys graduating from Malibu High School.