Social Documentation Students

Samuel Contreras
Benjamin Densieski
Alex (Jorge) Flores
Jackson Kroopf
Zoe Leones
Cebe Loomis
Ethnographic photography essay profiling Virginia City, Nevada, the Comstock Load's boomtown home. Through analogue photography and audio-visual soundscape, Loomis hopes to research and document the town's contemporary relationship to its historicized memory and preserved environmental space.
Jacob Moe
media anthropology, film/video, and political change
Alicia Rice
Occupational scavengers in Northeast Thailand
Marrok Segwick
disability studies, queer/sexuality studies, universal design for performance/media
Mavis (Mei Fong) Siu
Documentary and Video Art; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Cinema Studies; Hong Kong Studies
Frank Sosa
Frank Sosa is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker whose work is situated in the intersections of activism, social practice, agitprop intervention and community building.
Aria Zapata
Children of undocumented immigrants born in the United States and their struggle to feel as if they "belong" in the US.