Social Documentation Students

Kyle Baker
Research interests: Intersection of music and political life, social movements, state oppression, and diaspora, with a particular interest in the Basque Country
Andrés Javier Camacho
expressions of environmentalism, extinction, ethics of environmental policies, fisheries, "bush radio" in Alaska
Carlos Campos
Documents youth within communities
Melanie Ho
Research Interests: Stories and identities of marginalized peoples
Jeanne Lieberman
Research Interests: feminist filmmaking and art; cine comunitario (community-based cinema); critical race and ethnic studies; visual anthropology; urban studies; Afro-Latino studies; Jewish political identity
Mahshid Modares
Visual culture and sociopolitical evolution in the Middle East, and the role of the arts, including documentary making, in visualizing political, social, and cultural changes in the region.
Brian Myers
Research Interests: Multimedia projects that examine the complex relationships communities have to their physical and social environments
Deepika Shrestha Ross
Research Interests Identity Development and Agency - particularly in the context of immigration Space and Place - the social and political implications of space, gentrification Cultural Narratives - the selling of the "American Dream" and its impact on segments of the American population and immigrant communities) Teaching and Learning - the intersection of design and pedagogy, access to education
Boris Yaikin
Multimedia communications, social movements, social justice. Music and cinema, popular culture and Latin American folklore.