Preparation for Admission

Preparation for Admission

Students entering the Social Documentation program are expected to have completed the equivalent of a four-year undergraduate degree in a discipline such as Anthropology, History, Sociology, Politics/Political Science, Ethnic Studies, American Studies, Literature, Education, Art, Journalism, Photography, Graphic Design, Film, or Communications.

Candidates for admission must also have demonstrated skill in some area of social documentary practice (e.g., photography, film or video production, sound recording, oral history, or journalism) and a demonstrated interest in the study of social life and community engagement. Preference will be given to students who exhibit well-conceived plans for their work in the program in the application statement of purpose, define their final projects in detail, and who have experience working with community organizations or movements. Individuals who have worked with groups that have been historically underrepresented in society are especially encouraged to apply.

If a student's weakness in either documentary skills or social science/humanities training is matched by exceptional preparation in the other area, admission to the program with an approved plan for remediation (for example, taking undergraduate courses) may be a possibility.


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